Provided you have already registered on our Whitelist, you can now buy PIP! Otherwise, please fill our whitelist as if you send Ethers to our address they will be rejected.
Please, bear in mind that we update our whitelist everyday at 16:00h GMT. So if you have joined it today after 16:00h, you will have to wait until tomorrow after 14:00h.
Have you already joined our whitelist?

Before starting, please bear in mind that we only recommend to buy PIP from or similar wallets that accept ERC20 Tokens.

Send your Ethers to our wallet (recommended GAS is 190000): 0xb89e49f29f8cF35f11Fd954FDa606986CBdDECA3

Remember! Send your Ethers from the same wallet you gave us on the whitelist. If you do not remember which one you gave us, get in touch with us.

Once we have received your ETH, we will allocate PIP to your account. In order to see them, you have to introduce the following data in your wallet:

Watch this video to learn how to do it on

Contract Address: 0x10ec6a25fc28c16263e57e3410b578ceb6394aad

Symbol: PIP

Decimals: 18

You should be able to see your PIP in your wallet now! In case you have any doubt, please contact us:)
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Please, review this article in order to fully understand how ICOs work:
Got it :)
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Please, join our whitelist before buying PayPro Tokens. Once you have joined, you will have to wait until 14:00h GMT so we can update our Smart Contract with your address.
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